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Rural Research & Training

Research Training

A major component of this partnership is training and mentoring. We have developed materials for rural research trainees to cover foundations of theories, methodology, and techniques.

Rural Workshops

Free Range regularly hosts rural-based knowledge exchange workshops. Each workshop is guided by a central theme, with learning, training, and knowledge mobilization objectives for each event. 

Rural Research

Partnering with academic researchers, local governments, and community organizations, Free Range scholars are engaged in a variety of rural research topics across our partner countries.

Recent Updates

Dirt Research

Dirt Based Science Course

The first course in Dirt Research is being offered at Mid-Sweden University beginning in Fall 2022. This course is led by Dr. Annika Kjällman-Alm and …

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Austria, September 2022

In September, 2022, Free Range held a field workshop and seminar in the Lungau Region of Austria. Over 3 days, participants from Mid-Sweden University, Umea …

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